Sahar Mohammadi


ORDCID number: 0000-0001-6556-3187

Ph.D. Department Of Applied Geoinformatics And Spatial Planning, University Of Life Science, Czech Republic

The understanding of long-term environmental changes under natural and anthropogenic conditions is the way, how to deal with future human sustainability. One of the most important aspects is the variation of the climate influencing the soil cover as well as the soil development. On the other hand, the human influence plant species composition and vegetation cover, but also the microclimate and soil cover itself through the feedback mechanisms may be changed because humans are able to alter land surfaces as well as the entire energy budget and nutrient cycling. Therefore, the reconstruction of the environmental change sequence formed under natural and anthropic conditions is essential for the future predictions and sustainable development of human society.


 Mohammadi, S., and Semi quantitative review of soil evolution based on  morphological and Micromorphological studies in Goharan- khoy region. 2017-2018.
Mohammadi, S., and Assessing soil Evolution by Morphological and physical indices. 2017.
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