Jaroslav Barta




Jaroslav Barta was born 15th September 1937 in Prague (Czech Republic). Barta is married from 1962 year.
Education: 1953 - 1957 Technical Geological School, Praha
1957–1962 Charles University Praha .......................................... (http://www.natur.cuni.cz/uhigug/web/)
Diploma B.Sc. 1962
Diploma RNDr. 1973
Diploma CSc. (Ph.D.) 1990

Professional Activities:
Geophysicists, executive director

Special Professional Experience

Thorough experience in geophysical measurement, mainly in seismics and geoelectrical methods. Special interest in geological interpretation of geophysical data and relation between geotechnical conditions of rocks and geophysical information. Management and marketing problems of geological activities.

Expert posts:
Member of Board Geophysical Experts. Association of Czech Geophysicists (ČAAG),
Expert of Ministry of Environmental, Czech Republic,http://www.mzp.cz/
Member of Test Board, Faculty of Natural Science, Charles University Praha.
Member of Board – Czech Union of Geological Associations, http://www.caig-uga.cz/


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