WG1 Objectives:
  • To structure the knowledge of fundamental soil parameters involved in the detection of archaeological features using geophysical techniques with the goal of maximising data interpretation.

  • To create an online resource sharing relevant publications.

  • To promote the development of collaborative research proposals.

WG1 Tasks:
  • Discuss and synthesise the findings of past studies exploring how land use practices, high variability in soil properties, soil post-depositional and other taphonomic processes within archaeological features may have an effect on geophysical prospection.

  • Synthesise the outcomes of the various monitoring programmes (for example, of short term climate fluctuations) on archaeo-geophysics that have been completed.

  • Review the results of the application of combined soil science and geophysical methods in exploring a range of sites (e.g. prehistoric tell-sites, caves & rockshelters, metallurgical sites, grave/burials, post-industrial landscapes) as well as mapping areas at risk of loss of cultural sediments and archaeological assets (e.g. wetlands, littoral zone).

  • Based on these discussions, WG1 will produce recommendations for further research and create opportunities to develop collaborative research proposals.

  • To report and showcase the outcomes of WG1 on the SAGA website, and produce an online database of relevant literature.

  • Review the accessibility to researchers of commercially-held archives and to document their existence and utility.

Working Group Leader: Wilson Clare (c.a.wilson[at]stir.ac.uk)

List of WG1 Members
Name Country Email address
Clare Wilson (WG Leader) United Kingdom c.a.wilson[at]stir.ac.uk
Jörg W.E. Fassbinder (WG Deputy) Germany fassbinder[at]geophysik.uni-muenchen.de
Carmen Cuenca-Garcia Norway carmen.cuenca-garcia[at]ntnu.no
Nurit Shtober-Zisu Israel nshtober[at]research.haifa.ac.il
Natasa Cerekovic Bosnia and Herzegovina natalijabl[at]yahoo.com
Dragana Stamenov Serbia dragana.stamenov[at]polj.uns.ac.rs
Rokas Vengalis Lithuania rokasven[at]gmail.com
Andra Strimaitienė Lithuania andrasimnas[at]gmail.com
Marijana KapovicSolomun Bosnia and Herzegovinia marijana.kapovic-solomun[at]sf.unibl.org
Ökmen Sümer Turkey Okmen.sumer[at]gmail.com
Roman Pasteka Slovakia pasteka[at]fns.uniba.sk
Rafaele Persico Italy r.persico[at]ibam.cnr.it