Virtual Networking Tools (VNT)
The COST Office has launched two new types of grants in COST Actions to respond to the rising need of digital tools in the context of the COVID pandemic and to ensure the continuity of the COST Actions’ work activities. It concerns a pilot scheme that will run until 31 October 2021.

The two new types of grants are:

  1. Virtual Networking Support (VNS) Grant: aims at promoting a virtual alternative to in-person collaboration. This grant intends to stimulate virtual collaboration by designating a Virtual Networking Support Manager. The main aim at promoting virtual collaboration as a complement to traditional ways of collaboration within the research and innovation communities. In particular, these tools intend to stimulate virtual collaboration among the COST Action SAGA members, by developing a strategy on virtual networking for the entire Action, and select the most appropriate virtual tools for each specific virtual activity (webinar, virtual conference, workshop, training school, online library containing learning material for use by the Action members) considering the needs of the Action and the activities (need for sub-groups, working groups and forums … so on). The Virtual Networking Support (VNS) Grant amount per grant period is set at a maximum of EUR 4.000.
  2. Virtual Mobility (VM) Grant: aims at strengthening the existing networks by allowing researchers, early career scientists and innovators to carry out collaboration in a virtual setting, to exchange knowledge, projects, learn new techniques, disseminate Action results, creation of new data bases and increase the awareness of new trends aligned with SAGA objectives and plans. The maximum amount per VM Grant is EUR 1.500, with a maximum of 6 VM Grants per Action per Grant Period (up to 1,500 EUR per grant, max 9,000 EUR).
More information on the virtual networking tools can also be found here. Also, in the Vademecum, section.10 pages 36-39 and for more information related to VNS guidelines here.

Calls for applications can be found here.

SAGA VNS Manager

Mezgeen RASOL
Postdoc Research Fellow
Université Gustave Eiffel
Cité Descartes
5 Boulevard Descartes • Champs-sur-Marne
77454 Marne-la-Vallée Cedex 2 • FRANCE