WG3 Objective:
  • Identify and evaluate innovative solutions for multivariate proxy data analysis to seek and propose ways of data integration resulting from soil analytical techniques, environmentalparametrization and sensor signals registered by various instrumentation.

  • Prior to the investigations,forward modelling based on soil properties is crucial to provide a proxy on the successful application ofspecific techniques.

  • After the survey, the integration of data from various instrumentation, combinedwith the results from soil analysis would considerably enhance the interpretation of the data.

WG3 Tasks:
  • Find solutions for ‘real’ data integration for spatial analysis and 3D display.

  • Consider the potential of forward modelling parameterisation in archaeo-geophysics forsurvey planning and data interpretation.

  • Synthesis of data types used in Archaeo-Geophysics and related disciplines (task leader Jan Horák)

  • Synthesis of parametrization – correlating variables (task leaders Maria Šlivić-Ivanović and Ivana Smičiklas)

  • Integration processes synthesis (task leader Julien Thiesson)

  • Definition of common model for and soil parameters for Parametrisation and modelling + testing (task leader François-Xavier Simon)

  • Review of testing sites for Parametrisation and modelling + testing (task leader Meriç Aziz Berge)

  • Development of Conceptual Reference Model (task leader Martijn van Leusen)

  • Review of Guidelines for training data processing and visualisation (task leader Jan Horák)

Working Group Leader: Jan Horák (horakjan[at]fzp.czu.cz)

List of WG3 Members
Jan Horák (WG leader) Czechia horakjan@fzp.czu.cz
François-Xavier SIMON  (WG Deputy) France fxsimus@hotmail.com
Nikos Papadopoulos Greece nikos@ims.forth.gr
Julien Thiesson France julien.thiesson@sorbonne-universite.fr
Mercedes Solla Spain merchisolla@cud.uvigo.es
HuseyinBarisTecimen Turkey hbarist@gmail.com
Ivana Pandzic Bosnia and Hercegovina ivanapandzic@gmail.com
Ivana Smičiklas Serbia ivanat@vin.bg.ac.rs
Marija Šljivić-Ivanović Serbia marijasljivic@vin.bg.ac.rs
Meriç Aziz Berge Turkey meric.berge@deu.edu.tr
Martijn van Leusen Netherlands p.m.van.leusen@rug.nl
Michel Dabas France michel.dabas@ens.fr