Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM)
STSM support individuals to visit institutes and laboratories based in SAGA participating countries to: foster collaboration; learn innovative techniques; acquire new datasets; use specific methods and/or instruments. STSM are particularly intended for, but not limited, to researchers in the early stage of their career (PhD students & up to 8 years postdoc).

VERY IMPORTANT: a STSM should specifically contribute to the scientific objectives of SAGA and its Working Groups and the STSM proposal should adressed this aspect carefully.

The following table shows the scenarios available to eligible STSM applicants:

Applicant in a Home Institution To perform a STSM in a Host Institution
Located in a Participating COST Full Member / COST Cooperating Member In a Participating COST Partner Member
In an Approved NNC Institution
In an Approved IPC Institution
In EU Commission, Bodies, Offices and Agencies
In an Approved European RTD Organisation
In an Approved International Organisation
Located in an Approved NNC institution In a Participating COST Full / COST Cooperating Member
Located in an Approved European RTD Organisation In a Participating COST Full / COST Cooperating Member

More detailed information about STSM can be found here. SAGA issues STSM Calls twice or three times a year and they are announced in our website (Calls tab and News) as well as in SAGA profiles in Twitter and Facebook.