WG4 Objective:
  • Demonstrate the benefits of incorporating soil science and geophysics during excavationplanning phase to curators, field archaeologists and students.

  • Promote the benefits of soil analyticaltechniques for generating auxiliary data.

  • Develop specialist skills and cross-disciplinary capacity(common language, common problems).

  • Practicaltraining of young researchers and professionals.

WG4 Tasks:
  • Organise Training Schools with practicaldemonstrations on in key technical areas (including soil science, geophysics and geochemistry) (incollaboration with WG2).

  • Develop and distribute training materials though SAGA’s website.

  • Organise panel meetings that are ‘problem’ focussed (in collaboration with WG 1, 2 & 3).

  • Administrate STSMs &‘Access to Experts and Equipment’.

  • Provide online mentoring/forum for the use of equipment, specifictechniques, analytical techniques (in collaboration with WG1).

  • Coordinate Conference Grants aimed at supporting researchers to attend high profile international science and technology related events not specifically organised by SAGA.

Working Group Leader: Sebastiano D’Amico (sebastiano.damico[at]um.edu.mt)

List of WG4 Members
Sebastiano D’amico (WG leader) Malta sebastiano.damico@um.edu.mt
Yuval Goren (WG deputy) Israel ygore@bgu.ac.il
Agnese Kukela Latvia agnese.kukela@gmail.com
Kayt Armstrong United Kingdom kate.l.armstrong@durham.ac.uk
Elina Aidona Greece aidona@geo.auth.gr
Wesa Perttola Finland wesa.perttola@helsinki.fi
Ladislav Smejda Czech Republic smejda@fzp.czu.cz