Jeroen Verhegge


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ORDCID number: 0000-0003-4703-8199

Jeroen Verhegge is a post-doctoral researcher at the prehistoric archaeology research unit at Ghent University Department of Archaeology and uses geophysical survey and direct push sensing to reconstruct prehistoric paleolandscapes in river floodplains. His current research focusses on reconstructing Early Holocene riverscapes below the estuarine and alluvial floodplain of the Lower Scheldt river (Belgium) using legacy coring-, depth sounding- and paleoenvironmental data. Previous postdoctoral research was aimed at integrating geotechnical research methods (cone penetration tests) in paleolandscape reconstructions and employed an innovative direct push camera- and electrical conductivity CPT-E sensor (IWT n°150265/VLAIO n°160549). His doctoral research has investigated the use of direct current electrical resistivity imaging, frequency domain electromagnetic induction survey, cone penetration testing, manual- and mechanical coring to Middle Holocene prehistoric landscape mapping. Furthermore he employs Bayesian chronological modelling to integrate environmental and archaeological radiocarbon dating sequences. He was trained in geophysical survey for archaeological prospection at University of Bradford and in geoarchaeology at Ghent University.


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