Karsten Lambers



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ORDCID number: 0000-0001-6432-0925

Karsten graduated in American Anthropology (MA, University of Bonn, 1998) and in Prehistoric Archaeology (PhD, University of Zurich, 2005). His doctoral dissertation on the Nasca geoglyphs of Palpa, Peru, was awarded the Best Thesis Award of 2005 by the Faculty of Arts, University of Zurich. He held research and teaching positions at ETH Zurich (1999-2004), the University of Zurich (2004), the German Archaeological Institute (2005-2007), the University of Konstanz (2008-2010) and the University of Bamberg (2010-2015). One of his main research interests is archaeological prospection.
Karsten Lambers is currently Associate Professor at the Faculty of Archaeology at Leiden University. At the faculty he is head of the Digital Archaeology research group and in charge of the MSc programme Digital Archaeology.