Marija Sljivic-Ivanovic


ORDCID number: 0000-0001-5897-0083

Personal details
• Born in August 1980, Priboj, Serbia
Education and career
• 2012. - Ph.D. Thesis Title „Investigation of mass transfer phenomenna for sorption of Cu (II)-ions onto inorganic sorbents“, Faculty of Technology and Metalurgy, University of Belgrade.
• 2005.-2012., Ph. D. Studies, Faculty of Technology and Metalurgy, Chemical Engineering Department, University of Belgrade.
• 2005., B.Sc., Faculty of Technology and Metalurgy, Chemical Engineering Department, University of Belgrade.
• 2006. – present, employed at the Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences, in Radiation and Environmental Protection Department.

Scientific activity
• Participation in several research projects founded by the Ministry of Science of the Republic of Serbia (2006.- present)
• Participation in the project founded by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Srpska, “Characterization of the red mud from the alumina factory "Alumina" as a starting point for exploring the possibilities of its utilization” (2015);
• Participation in bilateral scientific projects:
- between the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Croatia “Investigation of radionuclide sorption on the artificial and natural sorbent materials with emphasis on the potential analytical applications and /or safe disposal” (2016-2017);
- between the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Montenegro “Potential applications of the mussels and oysters shells as biosorbents for heavy metal removal” (2016-2018).
• MC Member in COST action CA17131
• Participant in science promotion and popularization projects.
• Mentor of one PhD thesis.
• Author of one chapter in book ( international), 28 papers in international journals; 4 papers in national journals, over 30 presentations at national and international conferences;
• Cited over 300 times , H-index 9
• Invited reviewer in international journals: Chemical Engineering Journal, Applied Clay Science, Environmental Technology, Chemistry and Ecology, Ionics, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, Separation Science and Technology, etc.
Research topics
• Development of novel materials and methods for wastewater treatment processes,
• Beneficial use of waste materials as sorbents
• Synthesis and characterization of apatite materials, characterization and physicochemical modification of biogenic apatite,
• Speciation of heavy metals and radionuclides in soils of different types and development of suitable remediation m


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