Martijn van Leusen


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ORDCID number: 0000-0002-4778-9534

- born August 28, 1962 in Utrecht (NL), graduated from the classical gymnasium in Arnhem (NL) in 1979, then studied History, Prehistoric Archaeology and Classical Archaeology in Utrecht and Amsterdam 1980-1989. Following a research fellowship in Birmingham (UK) I completed my PhD at the University of Groningen in 2002. Married to Monica Pendavingh; one son (Jeroen, 1993) and one daughter (Hester, 1995).
- always been interested in the methodology of science, from an early interest in pseudoscience (1970s-1980s) to the analysis of patterns and biases in archaeological geodata (1990s-today). Since 2002 I have been conducting non-invasive archaeological surveys in central and southern Italy, studying through experiments how fieldwalking and geophysics might be combined to identify and date buried rural archaeological sites.
- currently also working on methods for sharing and merging field survey data, through both conceptual reference modeling (CIDOC CRM) and 'hard' database merging.