Mercedes Solla


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ORDCID number: 0000-0003-1042-4985

Dr. Mercedes Solla Carracelas is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Defense University Center (ascribed to the University of Vigo). She received the PhD degree (cum laude with honours) from the University of Vigo (2010) in the field of geodesic and geophysics. From 2007 to present, she is a researcher in the Applied Geotechnologies research group at the University of Vigo. She was an active Management Committee Substitute Member of COST Action TU1208, and vice-chair of a workgroup. Her research interests include the use of GPR for subsurface prospection, the applications of GPR in civil engineering and cultural heritage, and the use of electromagnetic modelling for advanced data interpretation. In 2009 and 2012, she was a visiting researcher at the Institute for Infrastructure and Environment of The University of Edinburgh, collaborating with the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Center (EPCC) (UK), and in 2015 she was a visiting researcher at the Transportation Department of the National Laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC) (PT).
She has published 49 research papers in JCR journals (h-index 16, Scopus), and more than 120 publications on peer-refereed journals, book chapters, conference proceedings and technical reports. She is co-author of 1 patent. She has supervised 6 PhD theses (1 in progress), 13 Master theses and 24 final degree projects. She has participated as a researcher in 18 R&D projects and more than 30 R&D contracts. She is the Secretary of the Interuniversity Doctoral Programme in Geotechnologies applied to Construction, Energy and Industry and Coordinator of the quality assurance system in the Defense University Center.


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