Muhammet Oguz Sunnetci


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ORDCID number: 0000-0002-5215-3143

M Oguz Sunnetci is a research assistant and PhD student at the Geological Engineering department of Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey. His main research interest is soil science with an emphasis on using geotechnical and geophysical methods to improve geological models for slope stability applications.


Sünnetci, M. O., Ersoy, H., & Ersoy, A. F. (2021). Numerical and back analysis-based methodology for support design of cut slopes at the Turkish—Georgian Border (NE Turkey). Journal of Mountain Science18(6), 1678-1695.

Ersoy, H., Karahan, M., Gelişli, K., Akgün, A., Anılan, T., Sünnetci, M. O., & Yahşi, B. K. (2019). Modelling of the landslide-induced impulse waves in the Artvin Dam reservoir by empirical approach and 3D numerical simulation. Engineering Geology249, 112-128.

Sünnetci, M. O., Ersoy, H., Bulut, F., Karahan, M., & Dizdaroğlu, M. (2018). Geotechnical assessment and safe slope design of a landslide in a limestone quarry (Ordu/NE Turkey). Adv Bio Earth Sci3(2), 130-139.