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ORDCID number: 0000-0002-6332-7815

Frédéric Nguyen obtained his PhD degree at the Université de Liège in close collaboration with the University Joseph Fourier in Grenoble, France (Prof. Denis Jongmans) in 2005 dedicated to the development and application of geophysical methods to detect and image active faults in slowly deforming regions. From a seismic hazard point of view, his research allowed unveiling surface ruptures associated with the strongest earthquake recorded in France (Provence) in the twentieth century.

He then worked from 2005 to 2008 as a post-doctoral researcher at the Forschungszentrum Jülich within the framework of the European project ALERT on the sustainable management of water resources by automated real-time monitoring in coastal aquifers. His research interest then shifted towards environmental geophysics and inverse problems.

Since 2007, he is a Professor in Applied Geophysics at the University of Liège where he leads a research team, and was appointed in 2010 as a part-time Professor at KU Leuven. To date, F. Nguyen successfully supervised over ten PhDs and several post-doctoral researchers. Currently, he supervises eight PhD students. The research focus of his group lies on one hand in solving geophysical inverse problems and associated topics and on another hand in the integration of geophysical data in highly multidisciplinary fields of research such as hydrogeology or contaminated sites.


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Nguyen, Frédéric; Van Rompaey, G; Teerlynck, H; Van Camp, M; Jongmans, D; Camelbeeck, T; Use of microtremor measurement for assessing site effects in Northern Belgium–interpretation of the observed intensity during the M S= 5.0 June 11 1938 earthquake Journal of Seismology 8 1 41-56 2004

Hermans, Thomas; Wildemeersch, Samuel; Jamin, Pierre; Orban, Philippe; Brouyère, Serge; Dassargues, Alain; Nguyen, Frédéric; Quantitative temperature monitoring of a heat tracing experiment using cross-borehole ERT Geothermics 53 14-26 2015

Van Hoorde, Maurits; Hermans, Thomas; Dumont, Gaël; Nguyen, Frédéric; 3D electrical resistivity tomography of karstified formations using cross-line measurements Engineering geology 220 123-132 2017

Dumont, Gaël; Robert, Tanguy; Marck, Nicolas; Nguyen, Frédéric; Assessment of multiple geophysical techniques for the characterization of municipal waste deposit sites Journal of Applied Geophysics 145 74-83 2017

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