Philippe De Smedt


ORDCID number: 0000-0002-7230-4965

Philippe De Smedt (°1984) graduated in Archaeology in 2008 and received his PhD degree in Applied Biological Sciences in 2013 from Ghent University. During his PhD research, he elaborated new approaches to landscape archaeological research by employing electromagnetic survey methods.

Philippe is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Environment at Ghent University (BE). Here, he focuses on the application of geophysical survey methods investigating past and present human environment interactions. Strong emphasis lies on landscape (geo-)archaeological research, particularly in the framework of investigations into prehistoric environments. Additional methodological emphasis of his research lies on the use of soil magnetic properties in a wide range of environmental applications.

His work, which includes the development of techniques to gather, process and interpret geophysical prospection data, is published regularly in peer-reviewed journal papers. In addition, he teaches non-invasive prospection methods to archaeologists and bio-engineering students at Ghent University.