Saey Timothy



Dr. ir. Timothy Saey has more than 13 years of experience with the implementation of geophysical techniques for a variety of applications. This PhD focused on the integration of EMI signals for the detection of metal objects, archaeological features and soil layers. The past years, numerous commercial jobs were performed by Dr. Saey for both Ghent University and 3Dsoil.

3Dsoil is specialized in innovative geophysical investigations focusing on the application. As each project is unique, a specific approach will be developed to achieve the objective in a cost and time efficient manner. There will be worked towards a comprehensive investigation and imaging of the subsoil.
3Dsoil possesses a multitude of geophysical prospection techniques to map the subsurface in high resolution. By integrating multiple signals, both the shallow and deeper subsoil (up to a depth of 6-7 m) can be reconstructed two- or three-dimensionally. 3Dsoil translates the results of advanced geophysical techniques into understandable solutions for problems lacking knowledge of the subsurface.


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