Vasilache Mariana


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ORDCID number: 0000-0002-6602-5409

PhD student at the State University of Moldova and researcher at the National Museum of History of Moldova, Archaeology department.
Author of 19 scientific publications in journals and collections from the Republic of Moldova, Kazakhstan, Russia, Romania. Most of these articles focus on the Neo-Eneolithic, with emphasis on the settlements of the Cucuteni A stage in the Pruto-Dniester gap and aspects such as research history, spatial analysis and modeling, habitat structures.


- Monograph ”Anthropomorphic figurines from
Cucuteni A stage from the Prut-Dniester interfluves: (the collections of the National
Museum of History of Moldova)”, Authors: Stanislav Țerna, Mariana Vasilache, Biblioteca Tyagetia XXXI series , 2019. ISBN 978-9975-80-903-0 ISBN 978-9975-87-562-2
- Article "Stolniceni – Excavation results from the 2017 campaign" Stanislav Ţerna, Andreea Vornicu -Ţerna, Robert Hofmann, Marta Dal Corso, Liudmyla Shatilo, Mariana Vasilache-Curoşu, Vitalii Rud,
Hannes Knapp, Wiebke Kirleis, Knut Rassmann, Johannes Müller. JNA 21, 2019, 209 – 282 [doi
- Article "Nicolaevca V – preliminary information on the 2016 excavations of a Neolithic and Copper
Age settlement in Northern Moldova” Stanislav Țerna, Maciej Dębiec, Andreea Vornicu- Țerna, Thomas Saile, Mariana Vasilache-Curoşu. In Multas per gentes, multa per saecula. Amici magistro et
collegae sue Ioanni Christopho Kozlowski dedicant. Krakow, 2018, pag. 425-433. ISBN 978-83-
948382-3-2, ISBN 978-83-64449-68-0 
- Article ”Petreni in der nördlichen Moldaurepublik. Bericht über die Ausgrabungen der Jahre 2011–
2013” Regina A. Uhl, Mariana Vasilache-Curoșu, Mariana Sîrbu, Livia Sîrbu, Veaceslav ș
Bicbaev, Daniel Steiniger, Petar Zidarov, Eugen Sava, Svend Hansen In Eurasia Antiqua, band 20,
2017, p. 185-205. 
- Article ”Preliminary results of the archaeological investigations in the Neolithic and Copper Age site
of Nicolaevca V during the 2016 excavation season” (in Romanian) by Stanislav Țerna, Maciej  Dębiec, Andreea Vornicu- Țerna, Mariana Vasilache-Curoșu, Thomas Saile in Tyragetia, s.n., vol. X  [XXV], nr. 1, 2016, 117-128. ISSN 1857-0240
- Article ”Bericht über die archäologischen Arbeiten in Petreni, Republik Moldau”  by Regina Uhl, Mariana Vasilache-Curoșu,  Veaceslav Bicbaev, Mariana Sîrbu, Livia Sîrbu in Tyragetia, s.n., vol. X [XXV], nr. 1, 2016, 117-128.
ISSN 1857-0240. 
- Article ”Anthropomorphic figurines of the Cucuteni A stage from Duruitoarea Veche I (Râșcani district, Republic of Moldova)” (in Romanian). Tyragetia , s.n., vol. IX [XXIV], nr. 1, 2015, 57-78.