Ökmen Sümer




PhD Ökmen Sümer is a multifaceted scientist born in 1977. He started his academic career in 2001 at the Geological department of Dokuz Eylül University after graduating from the same college. His Master and PhD thesis cover geologic evolution of different Neogene to Quaternary basins located in western Anatolia which were formed influence of both extensional and strike-slip tectonic regimes. He has been authored numerous publications during over the last fifteen years. Most of his research has been concerned with the sedimentology, structural geology, development of basins and basin analysis, Neogene - Quaternary stratigraphy, paleoseismology, tectonic geomorphology, geodynamics, geoarchaeology and archaeoseismology. Other interests in his profession are Anthropocene time interval, anthropogenic pollution, volcanology and tephrochronology and dating techniques in Quaternary deposits as a tool for geological purposes. Also he gave lectures on sedimentology, structural geology, historical geology and Philosophy of Geology at different universities in Turkey as an invited speaker. He was also being honored the Golden Hammer Research Award in 2016 by the Chamber of Geological Engineers of Turkey for his spectacular work on the Ephesus Fault.


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