Acknowledging “COST Action SAGA (CA17131)”
When submitting the manuscript associated with SAGA topics, please remember to acknowledge SAGA. This is obligatory for any form of direct support, and especially for results associated with STSMs and ITC Conference Grants. You will find some ‘acknowledging’ examples here.

Also, please add “COST Action SAGA (CA17131)” to the manuscript keywords. This will help index the papers in databases and associate them to our Action in general.

SAGA must be acknowledged every time when communicating the work and the results of our Action to a wide array of audiences, including non-scientific ones, inter alia:
  1. scientific papers (e.g. journals, conference proceedings, abstracts, etc...)
  2. posters, ppts, brochures
  3. online publications & audiovisual projects
  4. project/research proposal
Please remember to send to SAGA’s Chair the details of any publication/project proposal or any other material facilitated/product of the work and network activities of SAGA. This is very important for SAGA’s reporting and overall success of our Action.

Whenever there is an option to use the visual identity in publications and materials, please along with SAGA logo (coloured one ideally) and link to the website( use COST logo + EU flag & text. Click here form more info.