Magnetic laboratory methods in support of archaeo-geophysical research

Institute of Geophysics is about 10 minutes by walk from metro station Roztyly (red line C) – see a map:

Public transport is provided by

Metro works every day from 5.00 to 24.00 and Buses and Trams work 24h

In the Czech Republic we pay with Czech Crowns (1 EUR = 24 CZK), but in many places you can pay by card, or in euros (but not with a good exchange rate).

How to get to Prague
By air


Vaclav Havel Airport -

Terminal 1 (flights to the countries beside Schengen’s space: in Europe for example Great Britain, Ireland, Cyprus, Rumania and Bulgaria, intercontinental flights)

Terminal 2 (flights to the countries in Schengen’s space: Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxemburg, Hungary, Malta, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland  


By sea
By train

International Railway stations: Prague main railway station and Praha-Holešovice railway station

By car
You can park your car for free here.

The LO recommends to book accommodation via The most practical is to find a hotel near metro station IP Pavlova (red line C, many trams). A good and cheap hotel near to the Institute of Geophysics: