Workshop 1
Call for Participation
The Soil science & Archaeo-Geophysics Alliance (SAGA) Workshop 1 will be held in Prague, Czech Republic, from 30th  September until 1st October 2019 and hosted by the Institute of Geophysics of the Czech Academy of Science. This will be the first scientific event organised by COST Action SAGA, a new interdisciplinary network of scientists funded by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST). The network brings together archaeo-geophysics and soil science with the overall goal of maximising interpretation of proxy data for archaeological purposes.

SAGA Workshop 1 aims to establish disciplinary challenges and the inter-disciplinary common ground around archaeological geophysics and soil science in order to identify research gaps and develop an agenda to shape future collaborative work. In doing so, the workshop’s participants will discuss and synthesise the findings of past and current projects and studies exploring, inter alia, how land use practices, high variability in soil properties, soil post-depositional and other taphonomic processes within archaeological features may have an effect on archaeo-geophysical prospection. Throughout the workshop, participants will showcase integrated studies, combining geophysics and soil science, aiming to maximise the interpretation of archaeological sites.

  1. Developing a common ground (overview/synthesis papers)

  2. Integrated approaches combining geophysics and soil science at archaeological sites

  3. Challenging survey environments and/or data

  4. Experimental/Monitoring projects (conducted at archaeological sites or related to archaeo-geophysics)

  5. Multivariate proxy data analysis and/or forward modelling

  6. Demonstrations (hands-on session)
We would like to invite you to attend this workshop by presenting your work in the form of an oral or poster presentation. Abstracts should be should be submitted by 9 August 2019 here . All contributions submitted to the workshop will be subject to a peer review process, and acceptance is based on the evaluation of the quality, originality, and relevance of the contribution. 

The workshop is completely free of charge and is open to SAGA members and non-members. There will be an opportunity for selected papers to be published in a Special Issue of the open access journal Geosciences MDPI (ISSN 2076-3263; CiteScore 2018_Scopus: 1.82) with a 20% discount on the APCs for authors who need financial support.

We hope you will be able to join this exciting event and support us in making i it a success.

See you in Prague!